Acrilino Glaze or the set of brushes which are used at the classes of Gert Jan and Friederike

Hi IDAL Participants & Painters of Gert Jan Nijsse and Friederike Schulz their classes,

If you want to buy the the Acrilino Glaze or the set of brushes which are used at the classes of Gert Jan, Please send us an email and we will come back to you with additional information.

Also if your are interested to sell the products please give your adress and details. Send you email to
As a sponsor of IDAL we hope you hat a great event.

Regards from the Linova salesteam


On Friday 18th October Gert Jan Nijsse from the Netherlands and Friederike Schulz  from  Germany will have a booth at the IDAL EXPO. They can tell you everything about the Acrilino Paint Technics

Friederike Schulz

Friederike Schulz

Friederike Schulz is a professional decorative painter who began in a painting company learning wall preparation thru house paint application.  She graduated from the IPEDEC (international decorative painting school) in Paris and has worked on projects in New York and London with Pierre Finkelstein.  

She was named the 2018 Painter of the Year in Germany, hosted the 2012 Salon in Hamburg, Germany and recently opened her own school in Hamburg offering short, weekend style courses for professional decorative painters wanting to expand their skills.

Gert-Jan Nijsse

Gert-Jan Nijsse

Gert-Jan Nijsse is a third generation decorative painter from the Netherlands.  He earns his living teaching professional painters at 3 different trade schools and oversees the annually held Dutch National Painters Day competition in decorative painting.  

He takes on painting projects as his schedule allows but mostly passes these opportunities onto “students”.  He is a professional teacher but grew up painting with his grandfather and father.

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