Acrilino an acrylic product with oily properties the name Acrilino says it all. Acril is derived from Acryl and Lino from Oil.

Acrilino Glaze is a newly developed glazing paint  by Linova. In collaboration with Teachers, Painters and Decorators, this product was developed in 2018 and extensively tested in “the field”. Both in training and projects. including wood and marble imitations and other decorative techniques.

The glazing  paint products that were available until then did not meet the requirements of the professional decorative painter and usually did not meet the requirements of max. VOS/VOC values ​​(permitted amount of solvent).

Our goal

Our goal was to develop a glaze paint with the properties of an oil-like product but with the benefits of a water-based product

  • The glaze feels like an oil and can be easily evaporated
  • Transparent techniques can be easily applied layer on layer with the available “open time” to work.
  • The glaze works fine and can be mixed with all water-based paints, universal mixing colors and dry pigments.
  • The glaze does not yellow.
  • The glaze complies with the guideline of less than 200 g / VOC per liter and therefor meets the requirements of Dutch Working Conditions Legislation.
  • The glaze is odorless.
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